About us

OÜ Muinasmööbel was established by Merike and Urmas Erkmaa in the town of Tartu in Southern Estonia in 2009. The idea to start producing unique furniture came to the founder of the family company Merike Erkmaa more than ten years ago. How does one add an emotional value to a practical piece of furniture? It was clear that the furniture had to be made of wood (as wood is a warm and natural material), handmade, and moulded by time or else, even better created both by time and a human hand.

Guided by the principle of all things having a soul we make handmade furniture of used wood (old logs from old log buildings). Our products are finished with natural substances (e.g. linseed oil, beeswax). The furniture itself looks a bit robust, old and rustic. This is why our products are especially suitable for country houses, summerhouses or holiday houses.

Muinasmööbel is a registered trademark.

Our objective is to make things with a soul for people who care about themselves and about nature and who wish to manifest their creativity through the interior of their home.

What is the secret of Muinasmööbel? It is the passion to find peace of mind by means of self-realisation.

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